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PAWHUSKA, OKLA. (November 17, 2022) - The Osage Nation is celebrating four years of welcoming guests to the Osage Reservation with the inauguration of a new augmented reality display in its Visitor’s Center. The festivities were held on Wednesday November 16 and included the collaborative launch of the Wahzhazhe Hologram Project in conjunction with the Osage Nation Language Department.

The Wahzhazhe Hologram Project is a series of holographic displays featuring 3D content created by Avatar Dimension, one of two Microsoft-licensed studios in the US. By utilizing Looking Glass displays the Visitor’s Center has created a group-viewable 3D experience. Authentic Osage traditions are showcased using the latest technological advances by recording tribal members and linguistic experts in volumetric 3D. The project is funded by CARES Act which is focused on safely preserving the Osage language and culture.

Captured at the Avatar Dimension’s volumetric studio in Washington D.C., the displays feature Osage Nation’s Language Director Vann Bighorse, Dr. Steve Pratt and former Osage Nation Chief Johnny Red Eagle. Helping bring this unique exhibition to life, Avatar Dimension collaborated with METECS to capture several Osage elders reciting traditional prayers and blessings.

“Our goal is for the hologram project to have a significant impact on all Osages and Osage community members who are working to expand their language and cultural knowledge,” said Bighorse. “Our team is at the forefront of using cutting edge technology to preserve our culture and I’m very proud of the work being done here at Osage Nation. It’s an exciting time for us all.”

Started in 2018, the Osage Nation Visitors Center is Osage Nation’s first stop to welcome visitors to the Osage Reservation. In conjunction with the Osage Museum, the Osage Nation Visitors Center is on a mission to promote Osage culture, Osage Nation services, and Osage-owned artists & businesses. The Osage Nation Visitors Center provides an accurate history of the Osage tribe from an Osage perspective, using technology and literature to provide an enhanced experience. The Osage Nation Visitor’s Center is open from 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturday. Microsoft’s only East Coast mixed-reality capture studio, Avatar Dimension is a revolutionary in volumetric production for the next generation of enterprise solutions and XR content. The company provides the world’s most advanced technology and stages for producing immersive experiences. Ranging from engrossing and vivid holographic entertainment content, to enterprise applications, to training, the results are stunningly realistic as they’re brought to life in multiple forms for multiple business purposes. Avatar Dimension brings decades of experience in award-winning film and video productions for leading brands, producing the highest quality images for use with multiple devices and advanced mediums including headsets; 5G platforms; digital humans; and AI or computer displays.

FOR MORE INFORMATION, CONTACT: Claire Hedgespeth,, (757) 777-8167.


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