Driving the future

of immersive 

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VOLUMETRIC capture at its best

Avatar Dimension is driving the future of immersive video with the most advanced volumetric capture stage and studio in the world. Located in the Washington D.C. area, we are the only Microsoft certified studio on the east coast and focus on creative and stunningly realistic virtual experiences for enterprise. 


We are a team of industry veterans and leaders in sophisticated video, holographic and spatial computing focused on creative, transformative enterprise applications.


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We are the exclusive Washington D.C. licensee for Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studio’s volumetric capture technology.


We build transformative applications that change the face of training for enterprise, government and entertainment.


As one of only 5 studios in the world certified to use Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture Studio’s volumetric capture technology, we offer the most advanced data compression and cameras for creating sophisticated immersive experiences.

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We blend physical and digital worlds for better learning opportunities, from life-like skills instruction taught anywhere on the planet, to advanced health care teaching and military training.


We engage audiences through holographic entertainment in music, film and brand experiences made for multiple devices and advanced mediums including headsets; 5G platforms; digital humans; AI and computer displays.

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DISCOVERY reinvented

We remove barriers and invite you to explore the world in stunningly realistic form whether virtually walking the galleries of museums, watching open heart surgery or getting closer to the heart of the black hole.